Are You a Beginner Vegetable Gardener?

Organic Gardening in DenverHave you been gardening for a little while and need some direction? Do you live in the Denver area and would like some hands on help?

There are basic concepts about vegetable gardening that can hugely impact what your garden yields. It’s important to have an edible landscape design before you begin planting.

Where is your vegetable garden situated? Do you have enough sun exposure?  Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of full sun every day but preferably 8. In Colorado there’s no lack of sun, but sometimes we don’t chose the best places for our garden to grow. Do you know which vegetables can tolerate more shade than others?

How much water are you providing for your garden? Do you vary the amounts of water at different times of the season? Vegetables are water loving and need at least 1 inch of water a week, but depending on where you live and when you’re growing that number can change.

Have you had your soil tested lately?  It’s really important to understand your soil texture, PH as well as macro/micro nutrient content. Most soils in Denver range from heavy clay to sand. For a successful vegetable garden you must have loamy, well-drained soil.

Are you over or under-fertilizing your vegetable garden?

Do you know when it’s safe to begin planting? Are you currently practicing season extension?

Most importantly, do you know what vegetables grow best next to each other? Do you have a garden planAre you balancing your nitrogen-fixing plants with heavy feeders?

Don’t be worried if you’re not sure the answers to these questions. We can help beginning vegetable gardeners with all of this and be sure to create the edible landscape you have always imagined.