“Landscape Architecture creates practical and pleasing outdoor spaces.”

With every design project we provide a consultation including a site analysis along with a discussion of your vision for the space and potential options.

  • An understanding of what plants grow best in your soil and micro-climate
  • A landscape plan plan with all plants listed and properly placed
  • An accommodation of all spacial needs including both hard and softscape

Growing conditions in Denver are changing, so it is more important than ever to Xeriscape correctly, find the right balance between useful edible and strictly visually appealing plants, and to grow responsibly. A good design will save you money, water and time.

Many gardeners quickly overlook the design process and immediately start planting. The most efficient way to develop any landscape, edible or ornamental, is with a solid plan. A thoughtful design creates relationships between plants based on color, shape, texture, mood and companion planting. Without a well laid out design, a planting plan can become too complex creating confusion and uneasiness. An ideal landscape ties together emotional, visual and tactile senses.

“There is no right or wrong, necessarily, just a good and a better.”

Some garden combinations have been around for centuries while new combinations are created daily. There is no right or wrong, necessarily, just a good and a better.  A strong understanding of color, line, form & texture in both hardscapes and softscapes with regards to open areas and circulation is vital in creating a warm ornamental or edible space.

UpBeet Landscapes can help you with all of this. We offer different customized packages based on need and are responsive to individual preferences.