Permaculture Design

Every space has potential for multiple uses through good and efficient design. Although many of us have a tendency to ‘Plop & Plant’, in order to achieve the best possible garden, it is only through planning and design can we make a good garden better.

Some elements of design to consider are: color, line, form & texture in both hardscapes and softscapes with regards to open areas and circulation.

When designing an edible or ornamental landscape in Denver, it’s important to consider all the uses of what we plant. Can we eat it? Does the plant have medicinal purposes? It’s also very important to consider using native plant species, drought tolerant varieties of plants, and valuing diversity. Xeriscaping is becoming a popular trend among many Colorado residents.  Xeriscaping is a good design technique but should be integrated with edible landscaping to create a more valuable space.

We’ve been designing since 2001 and have an excellent understanding of spacial organization, pedestrian flow and functional units of good design.

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