Water Wise Plant Design


Xeriscaping or Water Wise Plant Design is the act of creating a planting palate that needs little supplemental irrigation water.

Although many parts of the country have no need for this technique, it is becoming more and more important for Denver residents to learn about.

“Most of us are unaware of how much water our plants, lawns and vegetables really need.”

As you may already know ‘water rights’ in Colorado trump most all other state laws. Roughly 80% of Colorado residents live on the east side of the Rocky Mountain Range, yet roughly 80% of our water sources lie on the west side of the range.  We have been creating infrastructure to bring water to Denver but it never seems to be enough. Every year we make additions on these pipelines to provide residents on the east side of the range with enough water.


Unfortunately, much of the water we do have is used irresponsibly. Most of us are unaware of how much water our plants, lawns and vegetables really need.

UpBeet landscapes understands hydrozoning and places plants of all types in the most appropriate areas. We develop Xeriscape planting plans individually but also in conjunction with edibles.

Stop wasting time and money watering your lawn!Water Saving

From a client: “Thanks in large part to your new design, look how much we are saving in water— & don’t forget we’ve increased watering for the new grass :)!”

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